Miami in reference to this site, is really a place of discovery, Miami is the definition of a contemporary city. Culturally it has yet to be defined on a global scale. Giving creatives and artists the ability to “fill in the blank” making it wildly exciting to live. 


Effortlessly feminine, entirely natural, endlessly refined.

Norte is a collection of clothing created to reorient women back to a true North — in an era where saturated consumerism and dispensable fashion have taken us far off course, we create clothing with a sense of lineage and longevity, directing us toward a better future of slow fashion.

Founded by Inés Vieira, Norte is inspired by transportive memories and a nostalgia for when time felt slow and meaningful — beginning by seeing her grandmother’s beautiful, handmade clothes in Spain, each piece in her wardrobe imbued with an intrinsic purpose. Norte’s collections infuse this practicality with a lingering homesickness for the sensorial details in Galicia’s coastline villages: women playing piano in silk dresses, mothers hanging laundry in white linen blouses, friends collecting figs for lunch in cotton skirts. The silver of fishermen cleaning scales in sun; yellow of little hill-flowers; natural hues of cliff edges; the spectrum of sea blues.

Our process is grounded in sustainability, with each Norte collection created from naturally occurring fabrics that will last as long as the raw materials from which they are sourced: linen, organic cotton, cupro, hemp, silk, and lyocell. After working in fast fashion and witnessing first-hand the inevitable waste generated each season, Inés dreamed of designing clothes that women could return to each year and still find them elegant and refined. Small runs of new designs guarantee every item can be made with trusted collaborators, every piece will be considered conscientiously, and no resources will be wasted.

We believe clothing exists to embellish life’s normal rhythms — that the utilitarian can be beautiful, that that sentimentality can be lasting, and that beloved pieces should endure over decades.

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