I find it hard to describe what Ibiza means to me in words. I hope that through my images and stories of the people who make the island what it is, I can inspire my customers to understand what it is to me and how I can take you on a journey to discover it with me.


Design duo melissa losada and marcela velez, who met one another at parsons school of design in new york city, envisioned a handbag that preserved the two designer’s colombian roots while transforming traditional leather goods into an intelligent, extraordinary piece for collectors of the remarkable and unexpected. melissa and marcela have continued to define their own distinct vision of blending unparalleled luxury with notable architecture. the result is both enchanting and unmatched – a progressive design enhanced with an aesthetic that is rooted in a modernized old world sensibility. a forward, inimitable linear handle inspired by medieval tools and armor, a hallmark of m2malletier, perfectly articulates unforgettable glamour and spontaneity evident in the brand’s avant-garde designs.

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