I find it hard to describe what Ibiza means to me in words. I hope that through my images and stories of the people who make the island what it is, I can inspire my customers to understand what it is to me and how I can take you on a journey to discover it with me.


Shiran Dascal founded Hanamer Ibiza to celebrate the work of independent creators who share her vision for slow fashion, small and limited production, sustainable practices and natural materials. As co-founder of Lamuella Goa and Lamuella Ibiza Shiran has channelled her experience, expertise and global outlook into Hanamer Ibiza presenting her own designs along with a carefully curated selection of clothing, jewellery, homewares and accessories each chosen for the story they tell. Every piece is crafted using ancient artisanal techniques including block printing, natural dyes and embroidery. Hanamer Ibiza’s one-of-a-kind collection has been gathered by Shiran over decades of travelling to lands far and wide. Here you will find a repository of antique and unique pieces that exist completely outside the mainstream.

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