I find it hard to describe what Ibiza means to me in words. I hope that through my images and stories of the people who make the island what it is, I can inspire my customers to understand what it is to me and how I can take you on a journey to discover it with me.


Belinda’s store in San Carlos, Ibiza is like walking into an eclectic treasure box of ethnic clothing from all over world. The type of place the you can go into three times in one week and always find something new to admire. Every inch of this bohemian paradise is covered in pieces from around the globe. Antique Sari’s ,Kimonos, cashmere blankets, handmade pillows, jewelry. Straight away one can identify that Belinda has lived all over the world.

Belgian Born Belinda , travelled and lived in Rajasthan ,Nepal, Laos. Owning property in Thailand, Northern India and Ibiza. Traveling for 20 years back and forth from Belgium to India, However, in 1998 that changed forever. Belinda found Ibiza. The small island offered everything Belinda was searching for, artists, modern hippies, bohemian lifestyle. He began his journey in Las Dalias Market , co founding its most famous party to this day, Namaste. Beneath this incredible collection and a kind person who shares a love for beauty and culture.

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